Wedding Pictures: Album and Books

Greenwich wedding photographerThere’s a 70% that you don’t know that wedding albums and books are different. It’s a good idea to ask your Greenwich wedding photographer if you’ll be getting an album or a book for your package. But before that, you might want to arm yourself with at least the basic common sense of it.

Wedding books are cheaper

The first fact is that books are cheaper compared to albums. The reason is the materials that are generally used for wedding books. Depending on the company that prints it out, it could be made of leatherette or common paperback and similar materials.

The binding method is also similar to magazines and books. Stitching and gluing are common methods but they’re not meant for long-lasting use and would eventually fall out. It will depend on the glue or stitching quality, but not even the best would last so long.

Wedding albums are usually made of leather cover, linen or full photo cover. The paper isn’t mass produced but are personally fitted by the designer or photographer. The binding is custom depending on how many pictures you want to fit in. Although you can put in as many as you want, the weight isn’t going to be one you love to carry around.

Wedding albums use higher quality photo paper and pictures are only printed on one side of it. That’s why the pages are much thicker than photo books. With such description, it’s no wonder that an album will last longer and is usually the recommendation of, a professional Greenwich wedding photographer.

Wedding albums are heavier

As mentioned before pictures tend to be printed on just one side of the paper and two pages are attached next to each other, making it thick. The more pictures you fit in, the heavier it is. That’s why photographer usually suggests having 50-100 pictures in an album. More than that, you’ll more likely shove it into the shelf for a long time before taking it out again.

Photobooks can store more pictures with the same thickness and weight. You’ll even have more options with how you want your pictures printed. But, albums will show better results especially when the pictures are laid flat through two pages.

There’s also the cover to consider. Fabric covered photobooks are obviously lighter compared to leather covered albums.

Which is better?

When looking for this answer, it’s best to figure out your condition and reasons to get an album or book. Most couples who are limited in budget would want a photo book instead. Due to the cheaper price and wide-availability (such as online templates and companies), many couples find it more convenient to do this.

Albums, on the other hand, are better designed and handcrafted by the expert. The materials used aren’t cheap and should be handled carefully for the beauty to last permanently. Compared to photobooks, albums last longer but can price 10 times compared to it.

If you see your wedding pictures as something that you really want to treasure for decades to come, get an album. This will even allow you to pass them down to your future generations. Any Greenwich wedding photographer would also generally suggest an album as they can help you design the look.

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