Top 4 Easily Forgettable Questions When Choosing a Leicester Wedding Photographer

wedding photography LeicesterEven with ample time and proper planning, couples will usually forget a good number of things to be done on the wedding day. It is not unusual. Amidst the chaos of spreading the joyful news and selecting friends and people to be invited, are the choosing of the photographer, selecting the event centre they’d like the best, planning for the wedding dress and groom’s suit and getting the best deals on foods, drinks and decorations.

Not to blame you, but it is human to forget. It is one reason event planners will always ask you to prioritize your photographer – so you do not rush things at the last minute. Moreover, what is the essence of any event without pictures and memories?

Fortunately, many couples don’t forget to choose and employ the services of a professional wedding photography Leicester provider or any photographer for that matter. What many couples do forget, is to find out or ask some questions during interview questions.

Honestly, photographers are baffled when clients do not ask them some questions; answers to which they are supposed to know.

Without further ado, here are our top 4 forgettable questions you should not do without asking your potential wedding photographer.

#1. Wedding Venue

Has he ever shot any event at that venue? You might think this is irrelevant, but it is not. It does not affect the photographer’s ability to take good pictures whether he is familiar with the venue or not.  Many great wedding pictures were taken in places the photographer has never been before. However, it gives him a better chance at doing so.

If he has, ask him for his thoughts on the wedding venue and how he thinks they will affect his photographs. It gives you a sense of relief if he answers your question intelligently. There are no wring or right answers in this case. Just a viewpoint.

If anything, your wedding photographer’s familiarity with your wedding venue will ensure that he doesn’t have any chance of arriving for your event late. Not knowing or forgetting directions can be an excuse. is an example of a wedding photography Leicester provider that is familiar with their location.

#2. Contingency Plans

What happens when it starts to rain outside? What happens when the wedding venue changes for some reasons? What happens when a week to the wedding the he (the photographer) finds out he won’t be available to shoot your wedding?

No one wants things to go south or for the weather to get bad. You should never forget to ask your photographer what his plans are when everything doesn’t go according to plan. A dependable wedding photographer will know how to handle situations like that so they are not etched eternally into your wedding pictures.

Very importantly too, you should ask your photographer what happens when his camera malfunctions? Does he have extras of important and necessary gadgets?

#3. What Happens After the Wedding?

Couples get so entangled and occupied with the wedding ceremony itself that they sometimes forget that until the pictures are delivered, the photographer has not completed his or her services.

You should not forget to ask about albums during the interviews. Sime photographers provide album options separate form normal packages. Though your photos get delivered, you might not get any albums for them.

Beyond that though, you should not forget to ask your wedding photographer if he provides post-wedding services too. Can relatives require personal copies of select pictures and how much it costs.  Point is, don’t wait until after the interview before you ask anybody you are seeking wedding photography Leicester services from.

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