Things a Cheshire Wedding Photographer Should Never Do at a Wedding Event

Cheshire wedding photographerYou were hired as a Cheshire Wedding photographer to document a very important occasion such as a wedding. Your major role in this occasion is to document every event that happens at the wedding taking shots of every valuable emotions that fills the air during the wedding ceremony. As a wedding photographer, your major aim to grab all the moments if possible so that the couple and families never miss a clue about what happened on that very special day.

However, there are certain things a lot of wedding photographer do at weddings that are very wrong. These acts have someway placed a very bad image in the minds of people and can definitely lead to loss of clients. Here are the following things a wedding photographer is to avoid doing while carrying out his photography duties at a wedding.

Never drink alcohol

While working as a wedding photographer, under no circumstance should you accept any alcoholic beverage rom anyone. Drinking while carrying out your work can be very unprofessional. Not only is drinking alcoholic beverages very unprofessional, it can also cause your vision to be impaired and you definitely know what this means. This could cause a very big problem as the couples expect only the best from you. There is no restriction as to drinking alcohol so far as you do so after you are rest assured of all your work have been carried out perfectly.

Never use unprofessional languages

While working as a Cheshire professional Wedding Photographer, you should avoid talking to the guests and couples as though you all are friends. Remember that you were hired as a professional and not as a guest so always use professional languages in communicating with the couple. Never use curse words as this can cause a long lasting impression on other potential clients and you may lose the opportunity to get contracts.

Never mix business with pleasure

Yes we know that during a wedding, a lot of fun activities happen and you may be tempted to join in. However, never forget that what exist between you and the couple is a client-employee relationship so it would be totally unprofessional to be found goofing around with guests or the maids of honours. It’s best to respect your boundaries as a professional Cheshire wedding Photographer.

Never wear white clothes

Finding what to wear can be difficult sometimes but as a wedding photographer it is best to choose clothes that are of neutral or dark colours. You should never wear white as a wedding photographer as white is basically a colour for the bride and it should be left alone for the bride to wear. As a professional photographer, wearing dark colours makes you look professional and for the fact that you would be in corners trying to capture moments.

Do not lose patience and temper

Its normal that during times like weddings, everyone stress level would be very high, so in one way or the other they could get in your way. As a wedding photographer, it’s more like you serving the public so you should be well trained on how to handle pressure and difficult times. Yes I know that we are all humans and sometimes people could provoke you beyond your limit. At this stage just learn to be calm, if possible do not say a word until you are calm.

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