Why Wedding Photographers Should In RAW

raw photographyBest possible quality photos

RAW images offer wedding photographers the best possible quality for the photos that they take. If there is one thing that a lot of professionals get to really take seriously, it would have to be the concern of being able to produce and deliver high quality photos. RAW is technically a file format that delivers just that, and then some. The reason why RAW files formats are so great is because of the fact that they record all of the information and details that have been captured directly by the sensor of the camera. That is something that no other format available right now can get to offer out to wedding photographers these days.

You get to to have the most complete and comprehensive details available and that is something that can be quite hard to beat at any time of the day. Quality should always come off top in all of your priorities. Although it may be true that RAW does have its downsides, including hogging the memory space and consuming about more than twice the amount that other file formats will usually consume. When you get to think about it all though, the memory space is a very small price to pay when it comes to the quality that you will be able to bring in to your photos.

Highest levels of brightness

Wedding photographers get the highest levels of brightness when they film their images in RAW. RAW file formats are the only formats available out there that can offer the highest possible levels of brightness to the photos that you are able to produce. RAW file formats can give wedding photographers anything from 4,000 to over 16,000 levels of brightness. This is an extremely tremendous advantage. You get to have so many color tones and gradation to choose from. The higher the levels of brightness are, the smoother the transition is for the photos that you produce. And when it all comes down to it, smoother is always good. If this is something that you are having some kind of difficulty to wrap your head around, try to look at the fact that JPEG files can only offer you 256 levels of brightness. The difference is a bit disheartening, to say the least. Levels of brightness is in relation to how many steps it will usually take an image from black to white. The higher the number of steps, the higher the quality of the picture is as well.

Easy fixes

Images with exposure problems and other flaws can easily be fixed by wedding photographers if they are in RAW. Wedding photographers will always aim to go for the best possible exposure for their photos. This can be quite hard to do or achieve though because of the fact that things and people move fast during weddings and because of that, you will sometimes come across the issue of exposure problems, blown highlights, or even clipped shadows in your images. You will be able to easily fix this if you shoot in RAW because of the fact that it will allow you to change or touch up the photos without reducing the quality of the photos that much.