Baby Photography Guide for Newbies

baby photographyAre you just getting started on baby photography? You are probably wondering what kind of preparation you need to do and how to best capture those cute little things.


The first thing to prepare is the subject. Has it sunk in that you will be dealing with most babies? Yep! Your ‘model’ is different from others in that you cannot command it to look at a certain direction or act in a certain way. Everything about the baby is natural.

Because of that, you need to have a very good timing and is always ready on your camera. You have to move the baby and put him in a way that he’ll look good. For babies under one-year-old, they can be easier to deal with. For older babies though, they are a bit wilder and move much more often!

Get your inspiration

Because this is a new thing for you, getting enough inspiration for your first session is important. You need to see the kind of baby pictures everyone is doing right now and catch up with the latest trend. You also need to keep in touch with the safety precautions communities are exerting!

A lot of poses require skills to execute, so plan about it carefully. And if you don’t feel confident about it, be honest to your client that you don’t think you can do that pose but offer something else in return. This can mostly happen when it is the clients themselves that request for the pose.

You can get your inspiration from Look through the baby photography gallery and you will see the various ways one can capture a baby’s beauty.

Natural lighting

Every about baby is natural; you cannot force the baby to act as he still doesn’t understand pretention. That is why natural light is the only lighting that fits in the frame. If you cannot get the room to lit the baby from the right angle, use reflectors to shine the light in the shadows.

Before you commence on your photography, scout the house of the owner if it’s lifestyle photography. Especially for your first time, be sure to make an extra trip just to make sure everything looks good. The first thing that you always need to look at is the natural light source. Is the window wide enough? Will the door allow enough light in if opened?

Prepare the parents

Discuss the props with the family and tell them what you will possibly bring over. Tell them in brief what will happen during the session and what they need to prepare.

If it’s a formal session, you can tell them when they come to your studio on the day you sign the contract. Remind them of the things they may need to bring for what purposes and how family members will have a part during the baby photography if they do.

You can also help them with their wardrobe choice to fit with the baby’s especially because the baby is usually plain. That’s why you need to tell them to wear something that doesn’t stand out too much for the session.