How a Wedding Photographer can Get a Second Shooter

Getting a second shooter

wedding photography tipsIf you are a wedding photographer who is currently looking into your options for hiring out a second shooter to assist you in the weddings that you get to book and need to shoot, one thing that you are probably quite worried about is the staggering high fee that usually comes along with hiring another professional wedding photographer during the process. This fear or this worry is not without basis. Professional fees can easily skyrocket given that this particular craft requires special and expensive equipment as well as some serious skills and technical background.

You will know more about that more than anyone and that is why you understand where it is all coming from. However, as hard as this may turn out to be, the fact remains that hiring a second shooter to assist you in your wedding bookings is not something that you can do without. You are going to have to go through with it whether you like it or not. Luckily enough though, there are a lot of ways for you to get around something like this. You can still pull off getting a second shooter without losing a ton of money during the process.

Your first option is to offer out an internship.

Try to see if you can reach out and strike a deal with the photography schools in your area. Photography students will usually jump at the chance to gain some real world experienced sometimes for free in exchange for some credentials that can be added in their resume. You can throw in some sort of allowance just to see if you can sweeten up the deal a little bit and make your internship offer a little bit more attractive to them compared to the rest of the internship offers that they are usually getting. You at least get to have access to someone who has had some formal training in photography and who is more than willing to learn and to soak up the experience that you are offering out to them. This means that you will be some kind of mentor though so be ready to put in a little work yourself when it comes to teaching them a little bit and walking them through the process of shooting the wedding.

Check out other photographers.

Your second option is to check out if there are any other wedding photographers in your network or in the same social networks that you might be in who may be having the same problem that you currently have. If they are also looking for a second shooter in the weddings that they book, you can offer to be one for them and in exchange, they can be your second shooter as well. It’s a win-win deal and something that everyone will definitely be able to gain some kind of advantage over. More than that, it won’t cause you to lose any money and that is probably the best part in all of it so go ahead and reach out to the people you know. There may just be another wedding photographer edinburgh in need.

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